Who has never felt a surge of anxiety when it comes to shopping? What to cook What to buy? Make a list… then leave it on the kitchen counter. With your VAM box, enjoy the serenity of receiving detailed, exclusive seasonal recipes and what to make them.

So how do I choose the box size that suits my needs? The answer in 3 points:

Calculate your weekly fruit and vegetable needs

One serving is usually 125ml, or 1/2 cup of fruits and vegetables, except for the salad, where one serving is 250ml or 1 cup. You can consult Canada’s Food Guide for more information.

Choose your box according to your established needs

The suggested number of servings in our baskets is based on providing, on average, 50% of your fruit and vegetable needs per week.

Take into account your environment and habits by asking yourself the right questions

Each family has its own dynamic. Thus, only part of your needs will be met by your weekly basket. In fact, depending on your lifestyle, you will need to complete 25% to 75% of your fruit and vegetable needs.

  • Do you often use frozen or dried fruits and vegetables?
  • Do you bring a lunch to work, or do you opt for an outdoor outing?
  • Do you occasionally eat meals that have already been prepared?
  • Do you often go to a restaurant?
  • Do you regularly consume fruit or vegetable juices?
  • Do you often eat imported fruits and vegetables?

Have you seen too big? No problem. Some foods keep very well under optimal conditions. To do this, consult our storage instructions. To avoid waste, remember to freeze foods that you will not be able to consume on time. Frozen foods retain their nutrients!